Absolute freedom vs. non-restriction

Absolute love equals absolute freedom. However, absolute freedom does NOT necessarily equal non-restriction. In fact, absolute freedom includes the freedom to CHOOSE restriction. And that is not necessarily a sign of ill-health. Just like not restricting yourself is not necessarily a sign of good health.

Oftentimes clients tell me that their goal is to be able to eat “whatever whenever”. As if that was synonymous to ultimate freedom, love and health. Restricting yourself is often seen as “sick” and unhealthy. The same is true in certain circles when it comes to relationships, with “free” relationships seeming spiritually superior and healthier to “restricted” ones.

The question is not restriction vs. non-restriction. The question is whether your actions are rooted in and inspired by LOVE and TRUST or by HATE and FEAR.

If you restrict yourself with food, because you HATE your body and because you are AFRAID of that food, AFRAID of the Feminine, AFRAID of being at your metabolic best, AFRAID of being truly healthy and powerful, AFRAID of your LIFE and SEXUAL energy, then restriction equals ill-health. It will FEEL like restriction with constant frustration and secret cravings.

If you restrict yourself with food, because you LOVE yourself and this planet and because you are attuned to the needs of your body and the Earth, aware that certain foods nourish while others harm, then restriction equals good health and it will in fact not feel like restriction at all.

If you do NOT restrict yourself with food, and make choices that hurt both yourself and this planet, then non-restriction equals ill-health, because it shows that subconsciously you HATE yourself and want to keep yourself sick, tired, fat and far beyond your real potential, because you are AFRAID of your own power and the responsibility that comes with that power.

If you do NOT restrict yourself with food, because you are so attuned to your body and feel that it really can handle gluten, dairy, raw food, and maybe even occasional junk, then non-restriction can equal good health.

Likewise, in relationships, choosing “free” relationships can be a sign of good health, if this choice is inspired by true LOVE for your own innermost needs and desires, and also inspired by love for the other people involved, meaning that you take CARE to not make anyone more uncomfortable than absolutely necessary.

It is a sign of ill-health, if it is inspired by your FEAR of attachment, intimacy and “going deep”. If it is inspired by a spiritual form of perfectionism and thus the notion that if you do not attain to this ideal, you are not good enough.

Restricting yourself in relationships can be a sign of ill-health, if this restriction is fueled by your FEAR of not being good enough, inadequacy, abandonment. Then restriction will feel like restriction, with constant tension, jealousy and secret cravings.

It is a sign of good health if it is inspired by LOVE and respect for yourself, if that choice is aligned with your innermost needs, desires, values and simply reality at this point in time. Then restriction will not feel like restriction at all.

Your goal should never be “non-restriction”, but always absolute freedom and absolute LOVE. Then you are FREE to flow with life and to choose from moment to moment whether to restrict yourself or not. There is no judgement, no rigidity, no attachment to either restriction or non-restriction. And only that is TRUE freedom.

As long as your desire for non-restriction is inspired by fear, you are still a slave and always will be. Then non-restriction simply becomes the other side of the medal of restriction. Then you simply switch from an under-active chakra into over-compensation.

The shift that needs to happen to find true health and balance is not from restriction to non-restriction. The shift that needs to happens is from fear to love. That LOVE is then FREE to take whatever form it wishes to take.


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