Virtual Courses

Online Courses and Webinars to follow in your own rhythm from the convenience of your home

Virtual Guidance is for you if you want to learn to nourish yourself in a consistent, bite-sized, time- & cost-efficient way. You value the comfort & flexibility of accessing the materials when and where it most suits you and also appreciate connecting & exchanging with me (and others) over Signal (and also live from time to time). You are self-responsible and disciplined enough to follow the program and actually try out the suggestions.


On the menu:


Online Course (group): Regenerative Chakra Nutrition

9 webinars to learn about regenerative nutrition and the different chakras, their role in your body and Life and how to balance them through food, mindset and simple embodiment practices.




Online Course (group): Active Mediations for your Chakras

Go so totally into the body using movement, breath and sound, that your mind becomes quiet. Activate your different chakras through bio-energetic practices.





Online Course (by yourself): “Nourishing Fats for Body & Mind”

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