Active Meditations

Meditation does not have to equal sitting still on a cushion in absolute silence. You can also stop the endless mind chatter and get out of your head through “active meditation” as created by Osho. While the destination is the same, the road is very different: Instead of becoming still and observing, you surrender so totally to movement, breath and sound that you eventually become it.


I propose you a set of 7 different Active Meditations. While each of them affects the whole body, I select them to activate a specific chakra, so that they align with my Virtual Camino . Ideally you practice them daily, but even just 1x per week has an effect.


The meditations last between 45-60 min, plus instructions.

Please note that for now this course is NOT taking place in a group on fixed dates. You receive the whole package of 7 recorded meditations to practice on your own accord.



I am currently experimenting with FREE energy flow. This means that I do not require you to pay me anything in exchange for my time, insight or services. On the other hand, I will only actually give my gifts to you, if I feel a true heart YES; if I would be willing to actually do it for free. So it is not a given that I will actually consent to provide you with my services :).  The intention behind this experiment is that I no longer want to come from a place of “need” to make money (scarcity), I no longer want to “work” and I no longer want to have a “business”. Instead, I intend to practice being the LOVE that I know I am in my essence. And that implies giving my gifts freely, IF I actually have “fullness” to share, without expecting any direct energy exchange in return. That does not mean you cannot give back to me, if that is a desire you truly feel in your heart. But I no longer require it nor limit the exchange to a specific channel or form (money). I simply trust the Universal law of LOVE and energy flow that always keeps balance, and know that I am always sustained.

Note that this course is included in the Virtual Camino and the “Regenerative Chakra Nutrition Series”.


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About Me

Claudia Kaiser is on a mission to help you, your (future) children and the planet to reclaim optimal health & fertility. Combining personal and professional experience in Mind-Body Nutrition, Eating Psychology, Food Sourcing and Tantra, her approach is  conscious, holistic and individual.