Why I do not recommend raw food diets

Besides providing nutrients, all foods also have a thermic effect on the body. They can be warming, neutral, or cooling. Knowing the thermal properties of a food allows you to adapt your food choices to the season, and can help you correct imbalances in your own individual metabolism. Raw food or food taken directly from […]

Soulful Eating

Today let’s look at HOW to eat for optimal health and fertility. You probably heard the term “Mindful Eating” before. I have myself used it extensively. However, I much agree with Marc David, founder of the Institute of the Psychology of Eating, when he advocates using the term “soulful eating” instead of “mindful eating”: “Mindful […]

Feel it – Deal it – Heal it

The Fertile Path is paved with feelings. A hugely important skill to learn if you want to take that path is thus to feel your feelings. That sounds so obvious, yet most of us are highly effective at doing everything we can to AVOID feeling our feelings. We eat, we don’t eat, we obsess about […]

Mental Health & Mind-Body Nutrition

Mental Health is directly influenced by physical health, and vice versa. Nutrient deficiencies, compromised gut health (leaky gut and/or imbalances in gut flora) and inflammation in the body all negatively impact metabolism and as such brain function. The gut-brain connection is a very hot topic in the functional medicine and holistic nutrition world. Here is a good […]

The “Everything in moderation” excuse

Are you using “everything in moderation” as an excuse to not stand up for yourself? I cannot tell you how often I hear from clients that they do not want to go to extremes with their diet and lifestyle. That their ultimate goal is “everything in moderation”. As someone who has been obsessed with food […]

Plant proteins and potential health problems

With all those scandals about factory-farmed meat and all this talk about how unsustainable and unhealthy it is to eat (too much) meat, many people are reducing the amount of animal foods they consume and are looking for plant-based alternatives to cover their bodies’ need for proteins. In this article I don’t want to discuss […]

Orthorexia – when eating healthy turns into sick

There is a dark side to all that talk about healthy food and lifestyle called orthorexia or the compulsory need to eat and live “healthy”. Anorexia and orthorexia are very similar in nature. While anorexic people are concerned with the QUANTITY of food, orthorexic people are concerned with the QUALITY of food.  As a society, we strive for […]

Let’s focus on health rather than body weight

We are a society obsessed with body weight.  So many of my clients constantly worry about the fact that they are not losing weight quickly enough or are afraid that they might gain weight by following my advice (especially if I suggest they include more healthy fat in their diet). Even if their major concern is not […]

Count your blessings, not your calories

I’ve been counting calories for a very long time in my life: to control my bodyweight, my appetite, my cravings. Like so many other people I thought that weight, health and my value as a person were all closely connected. I also thought that weight was a linear function of x number of calories resulting […]