The “Everything in moderation” excuse

Are you using “everything in moderation” as an excuse to not stand up for yourself? I cannot tell you how often I hear from clients that they do not want to go to extremes with their diet and lifestyle. That their ultimate goal is “everything in moderation”. As someone who has been obsessed with food […]

Orthorexia – when eating healthy turns into sick

There is a dark side to all that talk about healthy food and lifestyle called orthorexia or the compulsory need to eat and live “healthy”. Anorexia and orthorexia are very similar in nature. While anorexic people are concerned with the QUANTITY of food, orthorexic people are concerned with the QUALITY of food.  As a society, we strive for […]

Let’s focus on health rather than body weight

We are a society obsessed with body weight.  So many of my clients constantly worry about the fact that they are not losing weight quickly enough or are afraid that they might gain weight by following my advice (especially if I suggest they include more healthy fat in their diet). Even if their major concern is not […]

I was wrong about weight loss

At least partially. If you’ve followed me long enough, you have seen me claim that everybody can be healthy, fit and lean if only they eat according to their Metabolic Type and get rid of individual food sensitivities. When I say “eating according to their Metabolic Type”, I basically mean adjusting one’s macronutrient balance (the proportions of carbs, fat and […]

Count your blessings, not your calories

I’ve been counting calories for a very long time in my life: to control my bodyweight, my appetite, my cravings. Like so many other people I thought that weight, health and my value as a person were all closely connected. I also thought that weight was a linear function of x number of calories resulting […]

4 ways how excessive cardio can do more harm than good

Running and other kinds of endurance training are increasingly popular nowadays. It’s said that they help to prevent cardio-vascular disease, keep you healthy and in shape. Unfortunately quite the opposite may be true. Too frequent and/or too intense endurance exercise, especially when combined with a stressful work/study schedule, and malnourishment (either due to a “junk food” […]

Food, Body & Life are your best friends, not your enemies

One of the most important mindset shifts you can make in order to develop a healthy and fertile relationship not only with Life, but also with your body and even with food (that then will translate into a healthy and fertile body according to the “as above-so below” principle) is to replace “enemy” with “friend” […]

Why I am not in favor of assisted fertility treatments

This is a delicate topic, yet one that has to be raised and that I feel about very strongly. Most of my colleagues in the field of holistic fertility would tell you that their recommendations will be beneficial for you also during fertility treatments. While I do agree that they will definitely help you to […]

Food, Body and the Feminine

From a mere energetic point of view, food is Feminine. Food comes from MOTHER Earth and is solid matter and as such more Feminine than airy thoughts and consciousness. Soft fat is energetically also more Feminine than hard muscles. The allocation into Feminine or Masculine is not an evaluation. One is not better than the […]