Freeing up energy flow

I have been deeply questioning my approach to WORK. I no longer actually desire to have a “business” (a busy-ness) nor to come from a place of perceived or supposed need to “make a living” (scarcity). Instead, I intend to practice even more being the LOVE that I know I am in my essence. True Love is given freely and without expecting anything concrete in return.

So I decided to experiment with FREE energy flow in 2024, meaning that I no longer require you to pay me anything for my services. Of course you are FREE to give back to me, if that is a desire you truly feel in your heart. But I no longer require it nor limit the exchange to a specific channel or form (money) or amount. I desire to simply trust the Universal law of LOVE and energy flow that always keeps balance, and know that I am always sustained. 

On the other hand, coming from Love also implies that I will only actually give my gifts, if I feel “full” enough to share, if I actually feel that true heart YES; if I would be willing to do it for free. So it will be a constant exercise of honestly listening to and respecting my truth – and an invititation for you to do the same. 

First experiences after only 2 weeks

  • Before taking the decision to free up energy flow I had counted on the opportunity to make some money with massages this January. A group that had asked for quite a lot of sessions the last time they were here was coming back… Interestingly, now that my decision had been made, almost all of the people requested a specific type of treatment that I do not provide, and so my colleague got all the work (and money) opportunity. However, I honestly did not mind, I was even GLAD because at this particular time in my Life (where I am putting all my energy into my own project) and time of the year (winter) I actually do not feel like I have any surplus to give, especially at nighttime (after dinner) when it is already dark and I might even already go to bed. I even turned down a couple of requests, referring them to my colleague. In the past I would have done it just for the money OR felt somehow disappointed that my services were not requested, maybe even turning it all into a story of “not being good enough” etc. But this time I honestly just felt at peace, knowing that when my energy shifts, I will get the opportunity again to give (and to receive), but then I will do it from a full cup.
  • I realized that when I allow people to choose their own price for the second hand items I offer in my little shop, they tend to give much more than what I would have requested. Even if there might be exceptions to the rule, overall freeing up energy exchange has resulted in an increase rather than a decrease of earnings in that specific case.
  • I had one consult and the person gave me an amount of money slightly below what I would have charged before, but since I went without an expectation it actually felt much more valuable to me. And the cabbage and pumpkin she gave to me on top from her garden made my heart sing even more than the money…

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