Why Alpro (and Provamel) are not a healthy choice

Some time ago Iris hospitals organized the “week of dietetics”. The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness for healthy eating among patients and to help them make better food choices. The first thing that caught my eye was the line-up of Alpro products on the information table: different sorts of vegetable drinks (from […]

What is the healthiest and most sustainable fish to eat in Belgium?

Fish is a great source for easy-to-digest proteins, healthy fats (more or less fat depending on the type of fish) and key nutrients such as iodine, zinc and selenium (which are all crucial for the thyroid). When it comes to fish, we have to select smartly though, because of potential heavy-metal contamination and of course, […]

Plant proteins and potential health problems

With all those scandals about factory-farmed meat and all this talk about how unsustainable and unhealthy it is to eat (too much) meat, many people are reducing the amount of animal foods they consume and are looking for plant-based alternatives to cover their bodies’ need for proteins. In this article I don’t want to discuss […]

A true alternative to glyphosate exists

An alternative to glyphosate already exists! It is called (local, small-scale) organic agriculture! Honestly, I don`t get the current outcry about the prolongation of the glyphosate license. Or better said, I only get it partially. Of course I understand that people are annoyed with politics succumbing to the influence of big lobbies and putting profit […]

Forgotten Superfoods: Homemade Bone Broth

Even though there is no “one-size-fits-all”, and NO food is good for EVERYone, home-made, long & slow-cooked bone broth is one of THE forgotten superfoods. Contains gut-healing gelatin (if prepared from gelatin containing bones, like joints, knuckles, neck…). An intact gut lining is utmost important to prevent “leaky” gut and as such essential for a strong immune […]

Industrial organic vs. small-scale organic – and why we need to support the latter

You care about your health. You care about the animals. You care about the planet. This is why you buy organic food.  Great! Now here’s another component to care about: the small, local farmer. Why? Simplified, if you don’t support local farmers, you support industrialized, mass production. Even if you buy organic or veggie or local – and even […]

6 reasons why organic food is really better

Every now and then there is a new “study” coming out supposedly showing that organic produce is no better for us than conventional produce. I do not even look at those studies anymore. For me it is simple common sense that fresh, organic Real Food (as opposed to processed junk food in an organic packaging) the way I […]