Who is your support team?

Making a change in your diet or lifestyle is a personal decision, but it definitely gets easier if you feel supported by your surroundings, especially by the people close to you. On the other hand, being surrounded by people who constantly put obstacles in your way might make it very hard or even impossible for you to reach […]

Soulful Eating

Today let’s look at HOW to eat for optimal health and fertility. You probably heard the term “Mindful Eating” before. I have myself used it extensively. However, I much agree with Marc David, founder of the Institute of the Psychology of Eating, when he advocates using the term “soulful eating” instead of “mindful eating”: “Mindful […]

Balanced breakfasts for steady energy

This article is not about whether or not to have breakfast. It is clear that everybody is biochemically individual and has different metabolic needs, with some people not needing any breakfast at all and some thriving on intermittent fasting. This article is only meant to offer alternatives for a classical, sugar-loaden, continental breakfast. Are you […]