How to deal with triggers: avoidance or confrontation?

You probably have people or situations in your life that trigger uncomfortable feelings in you. Feelings such as not being good, strong, beautiful, valuable… enough, being “too much”, too intense, too needy, too complicated…, the fear of being abandoned, powerless… Feelings that reactivate one or several of the classical childhood wounds: the wound of abandonment, […]

Soulful Eating

Today let’s look at HOW to eat for optimal health and fertility. You probably heard the term “Mindful Eating” before. I have myself used it extensively. However, I much agree with Marc David, founder of the Institute of the Psychology of Eating, when he advocates using the term “soulful eating” instead of “mindful eating”: “Mindful […]

The Symbolism of Symptoms: How reading in your body informs you about the needs of your soul

Introduction Most of us have been conditioned to look at disease or ailments as a purely physical problem that is usually caused by some trigger outside of us (i.e. bacteria, viruses, genes, environment, age, accidents…) and that we need to eradicate as soon and as permanently as possible. Ideally, we would even prevent the disease […]