1-on-1 Personal Camino

My Personal 1-on-1 Camino Guidance is for you, if you are open-minded, self-responsible and ready for profound change, both in the dietary as in the personal realms. You yearn to understand the underlying physical, emotional, mental and spiritual messages of your unwanted symptoms and want to actually act upon what they have to say. You are highly inspired to find your way back to the Fertile Path, back to your individual metabolic and personal balance, in a way that is regenerative for you and also for the planet.

As with any path, there is no one Camino. Some people walk the whole Camino in a few months, while others walk it in stages spread over several years. Some like to walk long distances every day while others enjoy a slower pace and often rest for a few days in the same place before moving on. One is not better than the other. It’s YOUR Camino and needs to be adapted to YOUR individual physical and psychological needs. The only thing that is certain is that you cannot walk the Camino in just one day.

If we decide to walk together, I commit to guiding you along the different stages of your personal way, putting all my tools at your disposal, allowing the path to unfold as it may while following a general direction. In return, I ask full commitment from your side as well.

How does it work?

Our exciting journey starts with the Astro-Metabolic Profiling process: We need to know the general direction of your path, its main stages and the materials you need to take along. (Please note that I am not a doctor and will not “diagnose” or “treat” you in any way. That being said, you are welcome to bring relevant health reports and I might even suggest additional tests or analyses if applicable (i.e. food intolerance testing)).

We then have different options, depending on your needs and desires:

  • We can go through your fridge and pantry together to help you discern regenerative from degenerative foods.
  • We can look at where and how to shop for regenerative foods in your area.
  • I can show you how to plan and create nourishing meals in a minimum of time.
  • We can implement the suggested changes together step by step, exploring the soul lessons behind your challenges with concrete exercises and practices.

Sessions are held in person or virtually via zoom. Possible languages: English, German, French, Dutch or Spanish.

Contact me for more information, to discuss your individual needs and the corresponding energy exchange (investment) for your Personal Camino: concha@caminodelafertilidad.com or +34 650 761092 (whatsapp/signal only).