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Free Webinar: Individual Health = Planetary Health

Growth at all cost, without any consideration for the damage caused to the overall system, is what we call cancer in the body… Ultimately this uncontrolled growth destroys the very structure the cancer lives in and depends on (the body) and everybody dies together.

We are at the cancer stage of capitalism, aiming for constant economic growth, destroying the Earth and ourselves in the process.

The more we destroy our ecosystems and the more toxins get released as a byproduct of the industrial, carcinogenic exploitation of resources, the more likely we are to develop cancer. The more we are focused on material rather than spiritual growth, the more likely we are to contribute to and keep alive this system.

This is just one way how individual health equals planetary health. Learn about many more fascinating, surprising and empowering parallels and connections in my webinar “Individual Health = Planetary Health”.

This webinar is a gift from me to you and to this planet, free of charge. May it serve as many people as possible to reclaim their power and responsibility and inspire them to take care of themselves and this Earth with love, respect, care and consciousness.

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