Complementary Practitioners

  • Because I believe in collaboration & abundance rather than competition & scarcity…
  • Because working from different angles at the same time can create synergies and accelerate transformation…
  • Because working in a team is always more fun…
  • Because I really like them and have personally experienced the power of what they have to offer
  • Because their gifts are complementary to my own…

And also

  • Because I cannot cover everything that is out there…
  • Because you might need something else than I can offer at this point in time…

Here are some of my favorite guides, therapists, facilitators in and around Brussels (and some of them also online)…

Lindsey Curtis (BeLove BeLight)

Lindsey specializes in women’s emotional and sexual vitality and enrichment. Since 2013 she has been an initiate into ancient lineages of imagery and dreamwork for healing and well-being. Steeped in the feminine arts, Lindsey is passionate about empowering women in reclaiming their radiance through embodying the fullness of their Soul. She teaches Feminine Yoga, sensuality and has a weekly podcast. Personally she has helped me to get back into my body, connect with my senses, access and transform subconscious beliefs and patterns, and so much more. Visit her at

Elle (Studio LaLimite)

ELLE is an experienced Tantrika and Tantra teacher. Several years ago she started up Studio La Limite – The Monastery: an experimental living and practice community, open to all colours of spiritual work. She offers regular Tantra classes, workshops, weekends, massages… and is just an incredibly generous and loving soul. Tantra for me personally is the most transformative personal growth path I have ever encountered and it perfectly fits my approach to food, body and Life in the sense that it is real, conscious and inclusive. For more information on what Elle has to offer:

Annelies Espeel (TCM Renxin)

Annelies is a superb Chinese Medicine Practitioner, combining acupuncture, Chinese herbs, tuina massage and other TCM practices to help people. She has actually learned Mandarin for 3 years before studying a five year bachelor in Chinese medicine at the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in China. She has helped me move lots of stuck liver energy and largely contributed to the fact that today I no longer suffer period pains. All info:

Dace Osleja (Mandala of Life)

Dace is a certified Yin yoga teacher and holds weekly classes in Brussels. Yin yoga is a gentle and calm yet intense practice for all levels of flexibility and fitness. With basic anatomy principles in mind, it accommodates each person’s unique body type, respects our borders and develops patience with oneself. With primary focus on stretching thighs, hips and back, Yin yoga may help to re-establish a healthy joint movement and alleviate fascia-related pain. Long held stretches stimulate energy channels (meridians) and relax the nervous system. For me personally, practicing her has helped me to get out of constant yang mode and discover my yin side. For more information:

Catherine Piette

Catherine is coach “cuisine santé” and THE expert in how to get organized in the kitchen, efficiency cooking, Real Food etc. – especially if you are French speaking. She offers magnificent online resources. We have been friends for years and supported each other in our similar, yet very different endeavors to help people improve their health through better food and nutrition. Make sure to check them out at:

Meghan Kelly (Get to the Origin)

Meghan is a professional facilitator for systemic (family) constellations. This method can help you get to the origin of whatever question or challenge you might have. I am personally especially fascinated by health constellations, but you can also constellate professional questions, emotional patterns, conflicts of any kind… Even as “just” a participant you can gain deep insights for yourself. Meghan always knows (feels) just what the constellation needs, how to guide it without leading it, to pick out the key messages, and eventually, to help it all come together in a beautiful and impactful way. I highly recommend you join one of her monthly workshops, to experience for yourself what this is about.

Dorota Plucinska (Know the Moon)

Dorota is a naturopath and astrologer. Her naturopath thesis was about fertility & hormones and we are pretty much aligned when it comes to that topic. Personally I have benefited only from her astrological skills so far – and can highly recommend it. She is very professional and will not make any concrete “predictions”, but rather make you understand the energies influencing your character and the tasks you are here to face. Check out her website:

Evelyn Heinel

Evelyn is an Energy Healer located in Overijse. She can help you detect weak spots or missing links in your energy network and help re-balancing them by a transmission of energies canalized through her hands which are placed onto or close to the energy centres (chakras), energy channels (meridians) or body parts concerned.  Personally I have experienced and witnessed powerful transformations through her work. Contact her at:

Diana Siepmann

Diana is a Functional Medicine Coach (not doctor!), especially knowledgable when it comes to thyroid health and also fertility. Her focus is much more on testing and getting into the technical details than mine and less on the psychological / psycho-somatic side, so if that is something you are looking for, definitely reach out to her at

Alexa Mira (Temple of Tantric Arts)

Alexa is an international Tantra teacher, body & breath worker and Life coach. Her Tantra retreats for both men and women have deeply transformed me and my life. She is especially powerful in transmitting what it means to be truly in your body and Feminine energy, moving and expressing emotion as it arises without fear or judgment. She also offers individual massage and de-armoring, which is especially useful if you have suffered sexual trauma. Check out her offerings at:

Katrin Dürkoop (Transitiontime)

Katrin is a Conscious Relationship Coach, who helps couples to “un-couple” in a conscious way and also to clear blockages that keep you from attracting your dream partner. I have personally not yet experienced those services, but know Katrin as a person and absolutely trust her. Check out her website at:

Phililippe Wyckmans (Liloco)

Philippe is psycho-corporal therapist and sexologist located in Beersel (very close to Brussels and easily reachable by train) who does not take any Bullshit. He immediately captures the essence of what is going on and asks exactly those questions that go right to the core of the matter. I have learned a lot from him and come to appreciate his Male energy deeply during the monthly Tantra retreats he also offers. He also organizes monthly men-circles (and his partner womens circles). Check out his website at

Nathalie Otten (Happiskin)

Nathalie is a Holistic Skin Care and Facelift Yoga Therapist practicing in Tervuren. Visit her website at: