Hormonal Balance Masterclass

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English version:

In this 97 min masterclass on Hormonal Balance and Natural Fertility you will learn about:

  • The endocrine system and the most important hormones
  • The most common hormonal imbalances and their symptoms
  • The stress response and the different types of stress
  • Endocrine disruptors
  • 10 foods to avoid and 10 foods to include to rebalance your hormones naturally
  • The Virtual Camino Online program for regenerating yourself chakra by chakra through food and embodiment


I am currently experimenting with FREE energy flow. This means that I do not require you to pay me anything in exchange for my services. The intention behind this experiment is that I no longer want to come from a place of “need” to make money (scarcity), I no longer want to “work” and I no longer want to have a “business”. Instead, I intend to practice being the LOVE that I know I am in my essence. And that implies giving my gifts freely, without expecting any direct energy exchange in return – IF I actually have “fullness” to share and feel a heart YES (that implies it is not a given I will actually consent to provide you with my services). That does not mean you cannot give back to me, if that is a desire you truly feel in your heart. But I no longer require it nor limit the exchange to a specific channel or form (money). I simply trust the Universal law of LOVE and energy flow that always keeps balance, and know that I am always sustained.

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Versión Espagnola:

En esta masterclass de casi 2 horas aprenderás sobre:

  • El sistema endocrino y las hormonas principales
  • Los desequilibrios hormonales más comunes y sus síntomas
  • El rol del estrés y las diferentes fuentes del estrés
  • Los disruptores endocrinos
  • 10 alimentos a evitar y 10 alimentos a incluir
  • Presentación del ciclo de talleres

Imparte: Claudia Kaiser, Coach en Nutrición Holística, Psicología Alimentaria, Tipología Metabólica y Fertilidad Natural

Inversión: GRATIS (pide tu acceso a través del formulario abajo)

Version française:

Dans cette conférence de 91min, vous découvrirez :

  • Le système endocrinien et les principales hormones
  • Les déséquilibres hormonaux les plus courants et leurs symptômes
  • Le rôle du stress et les différentes sources de stress
  • Les perturbateurs endocriniens
  • 10 aliments à éviter et 10 aliments à inclure

Enseigné par : Claudia Kaiser, Coach en Nutrition Holistique, Psychologie Alimentaire, Typologie Métabolique et Fertilité Naturelle

Investissement: Gratuit (demandez votre accès a travers le formulaire en bas)

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