Are we really able to manifest our desires?

A lot has been said about “the power of manifestation” and how you can create your own reality just through your thoughts and imagination. The idea is that whatever you believe subconsciously will be attracted into your life and cannot help but manifest in the outer world. Many books have been written to teach people […]

How to deal with triggers: avoidance or confrontation?

You probably have people or situations in your life that trigger uncomfortable feelings in you. Feelings such as not being good, strong, beautiful, valuable… enough, being “too much”, too intense, too needy, too complicated…, the fear of being abandoned, powerless… Feelings that reactivate one or several of the classical childhood wounds: the wound of abandonment, […]

The Symbolism of Symptoms: How reading in your body informs you about the needs of your soul

Introduction Most of us have been conditioned to look at disease or ailments as a purely physical problem that is usually caused by some trigger outside of us (i.e. bacteria, viruses, genes, environment, age, accidents…) and that we need to eradicate as soon and as permanently as possible. Ideally, we would even prevent the disease […]

Pregnancy after miscarriage: How to deal with fear

When I found myself pregnant again after having suffered a miscarriage just a few months earlier, I was forced to face some very deep fears around loss and suffering. I still remember how in the midst of the 12 hours of contractions that proceeded the first miscarriage I asked my partner how we could ever […]