Breast Cancer Awareness is not Prevention

As every year in October, we see the pink ribbons all over. People run or march to support breast cancer awareness and research, thinking that this equals prevention. Yet in the very best of cases this helps to diagnose the condition and to start treatment earlier. It has nothing to do with prevention. PREvention means […]

A true alternative to glyphosate exists

An alternative to glyphosate already exists! It is called (local, small-scale) organic agriculture! Honestly, I don`t get the current outcry about the prolongation of the glyphosate license. Or better said, I only get it partially. Of course I understand that people are annoyed with politics succumbing to the influence of big lobbies and putting profit […]

Industrial organic vs. small-scale organic – and why we need to support the latter

You care about your health. You care about the animals. You care about the planet. This is why you buy organic food.  Great! Now here’s another component to care about: the small, local farmer. Why? Simplified, if you don’t support local farmers, you support industrialized, mass production. Even if you buy organic or veggie or local – and even […]

6 reasons why organic food is really better

Every now and then there is a new “study” coming out supposedly showing that organic produce is no better for us than conventional produce. I do not even look at those studies anymore. For me it is simple common sense that fresh, organic Real Food (as opposed to processed junk food in an organic packaging) the way I […]

Eating Animal Foods can be regenerative – Part 1: Human Health, Fertility & Nutrition

Introduction It seems that if you want to be a “good” and “enlightened” consumer these days, you have to “go vegan”. While I can understand the ethical, environmental and nutritional motivations fueling this trend, the whole notion that veganism is the most ethical, sustainable and healthiest way to eat is dangerously one-sided and misleading. Things […]

Eating Animal Foods can be regenerative – Part 2: Environmental Health, Fertility & Sustainability

This post is part 2 of a 3 part series. If you haven’t already done so, please read part 1 (nutritional point of view) first. Make sure to also read about the intentions I have with this series in the beginning of part 1. Part 2: Sustainability Point of View Besides health, sustainability is a big reason why […]